Ugg Foods Paleo Protein Bread

The Naturally High Protein, Low Carb Option.

Ugg Foods Paleo Protein Bread

Ugg Foods bread is a fantastic replacement to normal wheat bread for lots of valid health reasons.

Interestingly our bread mixes are appealing to those actively seeking a higher protein option! Looking at the many food manufacturers spiking their products with an array of protein powders it looks like the protein myth is here to stay.

- Ugg Foods Chia seed and nut bread provides 18g of protein in 100g of bread ( 2 small slices )

- Ugg Foods Vegan paleo bread provides 17g of protein per 100g ( 2 small slices )

- Ugg Foods Paleo scones also contain 15g of protein in 100g ( a large scone ).

(For those looking for an even higher protein bread, just add to the baking mix 50g of hemp or Pumpkin protein powder and a little extra water to make an even higher protein Paleo bread).

High protein sandwich fillings could include

  • Nut butters
  • Meat fish or eggs
  • Cheese is you’re choice although not strictly Paleo or dairy free.
  • Don’t forget to add salad vegetables for a truly healthier protein snack!

It’s important to add colourful vegetables and fruit to your protein snacks to get the best possible health benefits. The phytonutrients found in fruit and vegetables are vitally important for good health.