The Ketogenic Diet

Should we all try the Ketogenic Diet? Can you eat UGG Foods on a Ketogenic Diet? What even is a Ketogenic diet? Dr Kim Lloyd answers your questions: 

The Ketogenic diet is a very low carb diet. It has gained a lot of interest in recent years as a brain protective diet with disease-modifying benefits for a number of neurodegenerative disorders in adults as well as improving childhood epilepsy. Interesting...

It is suggested to have potential benefits for mental performance in healthy individuals as well as weight loss and physical performance.

I’ve been trying out a few “keto” eating plans and in general they are hard to stick to if you don’t have a lot of will power, as in my own case.If I can’t stick to the eating plan I know there is no hope for my husband who has even less will power around food than me.

The best “keto” diet I tried is Dave Asprey’s bulletproof diet. He combines the benefits of intermittent fasting (16 hour, overnight fast) with burning ketones for the early part of the day and then adding more carbohydrate and coming out of ketogenesis in the evening.

In brief: you swap breakfast for a “bulletproof” coffee which is a high quality coffee, free from pesticides and moulds with ghee and MCT oil.

Then at lunchtime you eat plenty of vegetables with high proteins, staying in ketogenesis and in the evening you can add back your carbs in a healthy forms: fruit, nuts, starchier vegetables & of course, UGG goodies.

The MCT oil (from coconut oil) provides ketones for energy, and the coffee mixture kick starts the burning of fats for fuel. It takes a bit of getting used to but tastes quite nice and definitely gives an energy boost when I have managed to skip breakfast.

I haven’t managed to do this routinely as I love breakfast too much, but when I want to be stricter with my Paleo eating & try something new, I personally think his is a pretty painless way of getting your brain and body into ketogenesis as a health booster now and again.

Our UGG Foods scientist Geoff Bond has always said that a healthy body should easily be able to flip into a ketogenic state easily when needed.

Can you eat Ugg Foods on a ketogenic diet?

The best way of staying in ketogenesis while eating Ugg cake is to avoid the mixes with raisins (stick with chia muffin mix, chocolate mix or our paleo bread mix) and add or substitute for the olive oil or water a little MCT oil to the recipes. Luckily MCT oil is tasteless and makes for a nice moist bake.

Use the higher fat luxury recipe on the pouch and once baked try adding a dollop of coconut yogurt to your Ugg foods muffin. Yum!

Have you tried the Ketogenic Diet? What are your thoughts?