No Such Thing As Humane Milk?

Humane milk is a myth.

"Go Vegan World" featured an advert of a cow behind barbed wire and the text underneath added "I went vegan the day I visited a dairy farm. The mothers, still bloody from birth, searched and called frantically for their babies." 

The dairy industry complained that this was inaccurate and misleading. However the complaints were rejected by the advertising standards agency. The ASA stated that although the language in the advert used was emotional and hard-hitting, they understood it was the case that calves were generally separated from their mothers very soon after birth, therefore concluding the advert was not misleading. The suggestion is that the dairy industry is inherently inhumane.

We know that human beings are the only species to consume the milk of another species. In the case of cows milk, a product that is designed by nature, with the hormones needed, to grow calves very quickly into large cows. We know it's not designed by nature for humans, and can be extremely inflammatory when ingested by human beings. So many people in the western world think that drinking cows milk is normal for humans. Are human beings inherently inhumane? What does it mean to be human? Is it time for us to be more conscious and mindful of where our food comes from and what being human and humane really means? 

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