Newgen Products: Guest Post by Crendon Skin Clinic

New Gen..... an exciting new generation of organic, whole-food, nutritional supplementation.

Onc upon a time our food contained all the nourishment needed for body and mind to maintain optimal health.

Unfortunately, with increasingly evidence, we can no longer rely on obtaining all of our nutritional requirements from our modern diet.

It’s an an alarming fact that firstly many of our vegetables and fruits are grown in soil that is depleted in vital nutrients, secondly nutrients are often lost due to fruit and vegetables being kept in cold storage for far too long, and now we are discovering, just in the last 5 years, that our gut microbiome, (the important ecosystem in our gut) has often become so dysfunctional we are unable to absorb the nutrients that we do ingest!

The reality is that even when we choose wisely and eat 5–10 portions of organic vegetables and fruit every day we are often still malnourished.

I have practised the principles of a Paleo style diet for almost 10 years now but I struggle to eat the 5-10 recommended portions of raw fruit and vegetables every day so I routinely take nutritional supplements and I encourage all of the clients at my medical skin clinic to do the same.

At my clinic, Crendon skin clinic, and skin clinics across the globe the latest treatments are moving towards the “holy grail”of growing our own skin younger. What I mean by this is that the emphasis now is on skin rejuvenation.

We are getting better and better at biologically stimulating the growth of new collagen and elastin and improving hydration from a deeper level.

It makes sense that to get the optimal benefits from clinic treatments we need to provide the skin cells with optimal nutrition.

An easy way to think about this is to compare the likely results of randomly killing yourself at the gym and then eating at Mc Donalds compared to a professionally targeted long term exercise program combined with the best nutritional eating and supplement routine.

The best anti-aging skin rejuvenation programs are much the same including long term preventative measures combined with optimal nutritional and lifestyle

habits and remedial treatments where appropriate.

Which supplements do I routinely advise family, friends and clients to take?

After studying the foundations of nutrition and functional medicine I came to the conclusion that right now for most people, blood, stool, urine and saliva testing although incredibly interesting and revealing are expensive and out of reach for most healthy people.

I believe, from what I have experienced, that functional medicine is in its infancy, and huge leaps and strides are taking place which will revolutionise our approach to healthcare.

As is often the case “the more we know the more we realise we don’t know”

This has certainly been my experience of the rapidly advancing world of nutritional and functional medicine.

In medical ethics the physicians guiding maxim is “first do no harm”.

For this reason I advocate that without expert nutritional testing a mostly wholefood supplementation is safe, often amazingly effective and kinder on the pocket.

There are some nutritional deficiencies common to most of us now that can be safely addressed with either wholefood supplementation or safe levels of selected nutrients.

All things get better!

I now recommend Newgen for routine health and anti-aging skin benefits.

Newgen is a very exciting relatively new organic supplement programme daily scoop in water, juice or coconut yogurt or chopped fruit ( my favourite breakfast )

Newgen has revolutionised my nutritional clinic guide lines in a relatively short time and is now my number one, “go to,” supplement. It meets a lot of the current nutritional deficiencies with one daily scoop of delicious powder.

In brief, the three main reasons I love Newgen are as follows.

Firstly, New gen is extremely high in photo-nutrients as it contains freeze dried organic vegetables and fruits. These phytonutrients are the micronutrients we all need more of to prevent disease and combat higher levels of pollution.

High micro-nutrient status has been shown to improve our skin colour and radiance, improves gum health ( I used to be a family dentist ) as well as all other general health conditions. There are no-contraindications to consuming high levels of what is essentially the essence of whole organic vegetables and fruits. So this supplement is fantastic for all of the family.

The anti-oxidant status has been thoroughly tested and the product gets the highest score I know of in all of the “big five” free radical tests, done at Brunswick laboratories one of the most reputable, research and testing facilities.

What I also love about the New gen product is that it is thoroughly tested to make sure there is no contamination with pesticides.

Since my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 2 years ago, trying to avoid or at least reduce exposure to pesticides and plastic residues has been a major priority.


Gut health is now a major concern and we have learned that we need to prioritise eating in a way that keeps a healthy gut microbiome intact.

Enzymes from raw plants are proving to be important and probiotic or friendly bacteria help to recolonise the gut with gut healthy bacteria that keep the level of gut pathogens, the disease causing bacteria, at a low level.

These gut friendly probiotics are often fighting a difficult battle and struggle to survive. Taking a high quality probiotics every day, can really help to prevent disease. New gen contains over 15 billion gut friendly bacteria in every scoop.

This level is tested in the finished product ensuring quality. The bacteria in New gen are freeze dried to send them to sleep and when the powder is hydrated they wake up ready to do their job. Many other supplement companies only test what goes into the product but not what is left when the product is packaged, processed and ready to eat.

Thirdly- I love that this product contains digestive enzymes which help us to break down our food into tiny particles which means that then we can absorb the vital nutrients more effectively.

As we get older we often find our digestion more sluggish and some of the nutrient deficiencies found when people are tested are attributed to poor absorption of nutrients in food.