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Ugg Foods aim is to encourage natural, healthy eating whilst still offering delicious treats. Ugg Foods makes natural eating easy. The Ugg Foods creative kitchen geniuses  are constantly trying to create healthy new quick mix kits and foods to cater for those restricted by allergies, intolerance's or those just looking for a more natural, healthy way of eating. Our fast-growing range will open up a world of new dishes for you to enjoy without hunting down specialist ingredients, having to spend hours on trail and error in the kitchen or even needing to be a talented cook!

All Ugg Foods products are gluten free, grain free, dairy free, soya free, yeast free, additive free, low glycaemic (or low GI), diabetic friendly, have no added sugar and are tooth friendly. Ugg Foods are also are all Paleo diet and Caveman diet conforming. Ugg Foods offer a much lower carb solution than similar mainstream products. We always strive to make our products low salt, use the best ingredients available and, when possible, use organic ingredients. Our manufacturing partners are carefully selected to avoid cross-contamination with gluten grains.

Whilst there is a growing range of health foods on the market, it is difficult to find traditional type treats that taste really good and are truly good for you. For example, whilst gluten free baked treats may be available in supermarkets, a great deal use grains in their recipes. The grains or starches that are used as a substitute are usually nutritionally poor and highly glycaemic. Removing grains from your diet can have some excellent health benefits and we have an extensive healthy eating information section that discusses the benefits of eliminating or reducing the intake of certain food groups, sweeteners and additives. Generally supermarket gluten free goods usually contain more sugar and fat than their gluten-filled counterparts. As a result, many people gain weight once they stop eating gluten. This can cause cholesterol levels to rise, however Ugg Foods is dedicated to ensuring our products have no added sugar and use only healthy fats, mostly using olive oil rather than heavily saturated fats.

When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, Ugg Foods can also be used to replace high carb and sugary products in the battle to lose weight. Ugg Foods help to stabilise your blood sugar reducing the cravings for harmful carbs and cakes. Eating the Ugg Foods way leaves you truly satisfied. The longer you eat this way, the faster your metabolism works, you should notice you almost totally lose the desire for snacks and big serving sizes.

There is no single perfect diet for everyone, but eliminating processed foods from your diet is a great first step to a healthier lifestyle. Try eating mostly healthy organic vegetables, salads and fruits, free range organic meats, fish, Omega 3 eggs and some nuts and seeds. Try to minimise or eliminate grains, starches, dairy, bad fats, sugar, most sugar substitutes, additives and ‘E’ numbers. The benefits to making these changes will be visible in just a few weeks. Once you give healthy eating, with Ugg Foods on your side, a chance we think you will never look back.

Our range of pre mixed baking ingredients are exclusively available direct to you door and no need to worry about preparing complicated instructions as we have the recipes all set and ready to go. 

Ugg Foods History


Dr Kim Lloyd is the founder and creative driving force behind the Ugg Foods Brand.

Kim Lloyd has a lifelong interest in preventative medicine and the power of optimal nutrition. Kim was a family dentist for 16 years then moved into aesthetic medicine. She met nutritional anthropologist Geoff Bond at an anti-aging medical conference and as  a result of that meeting and further cumulative years of research into Paleo diets [ or 'The Caveman Diet' as Pelo is also known] changed her way of eating, then founded Ugg Foods.

The company now bases it's operations on the Oxfordshire Buckinghamshire borders just outside of Thame.

Whilst researching, preparing recipes and mixing ingredients Kim found sourcing the individual ingredients involved buying from multiple sources which was both time consuming and sometimes frustrating the idea of a simple packaged solution combining all the necessary ingredients sprang to mind - hence the birth of Ugg Foods in 2013. aims to offer you a complete, 'out of the packet' solution for baking and cooking healthy snacks based on Kim's recipes using Paleo diet inspired natural ingredients, at the Uggfoods kitchen menus are updated regularly and you can access a wide variety for free on our recipes pages.

You will find UggFoods in health stores and natural food outlets aswell as being able to shop online with UggFoods direct. offers wholesale and retail options in th UK and EU so, whether you are a food chain, individual store, cafe, bakery or simply love to bake healthy snacks and treats for your family UggFoods is the healthy baking solution. 

Call us on 0844 854 9442 for telephone ordering or general enquires or email us at, we endeavour to reply to any emails within 48 hours.

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