Geoff Bond, Ugg’s scientific director, his background & healthy eating books...

Geoff Bond’s latest book, Deadly Harvest, recently spent 13 weeks as Kindle Best Seller in the category Preventive Medicine.

Geoff spent 15 years of his early career living and working in remote African villages and is one of a small breed of scientists who peer back in time to see how nature forged our bodies and minds to live in a particular kind of way. He then describes how we don’t do it anymore, why it matters and what we can do about it.

Today he continues to study the origins of the human species, the lifestyle which our evolutionary past designed for us, and how the mismatch with the way we live today is at the origin of modern major diseases – the cancers, heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s and many more.

His book, Deadly Harvest, encapsulates current thinking on these matters and is a work of reference that doctors both use and trust. It not only explains the scientific background in easy-to-read layman’s terms, but also how we can put matters right; it gives the blueprint for living in the ways that our bodies and brains recognise. These are sometimes called the Bond Precepts.

Deadly Harvest has been enthusiastically adopted by the ‘Paleo’ community, who recognise it as the most authoritative work on the Paleo diet.

Geoff’s earlier work, Natural Eating: Nutritional anthropology - living in harmony with our genetic programming, is still in great demand and has been translated into German, French and Russian.

At the end of the last millennium, the U.S. multinational American Standard distributed Geoff’s 1999 work, Natural Eating in a Nutshell, to every one of its 35,000 employees. Even back then, the board of directors recognised the contribution that the Bond Precepts could make to employee health.

Over the years, Geoff’s wife Nicole, has perfected recipes of delicious dishes which conform to the Bond Precepts. These are published in her latest cookbook Paleo Harvest.

Geoff’s books can be bought via Amazon or downloaded for Kindle.

Deadly Harvest (Print)

Deadly Harvest (Kindle)

Natural Eating (Print)

Natural Eating (Kindle)

Mieux Manger (Natural Eating French Print)

Natural Eating (German Print)

Geoff’s wife, ‘Bond Girl’ Nicole, has also authored this excellent cookbook, Paleo Harvest, with over 170 recipes food in conformity with the principles of Nutritional Anthropologist Geoff Bond. Available in print or can be downloaded for Kindle.

Paleo Harvest (Kindle)

Paleo Havest (Print)